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April 11, 2019 2 min read

Zurich is slowly but surely becoming more and more alive with people and festivities. Springtime is here and I could not be any happier.

I caught up with a mate of mine from way back, and he was rocking these awesome jeans, which of course led to me bombarding him with questions about them. After all, my belief is that questioning everything is how we grow in life. Thanks to this belief, that was the very moment that I was first introduced to Selfnation.

And boom, the “Perfect Fit” T-Bô x Selfnation collaboration was born!

T-Bô and Selfnation are very much inline in many aspects, such as passion for design and living your best life. From your bodywear to outerwear, we believe that the wearer of both brands, should only experience comfort and style whilst experiencing life & love to the fullest.

Here is a short introduction to the Selfnation brand….

Selfnation offers tailor-made jeans and chinos with guaranteed perfect fit. The brand represents exceptional quality, individuality and sustainable production. To ensure this, Selfnation works only with exclusive weaving mills. All fabrics are made by European family-run manufactories. The brand attaches great importance to regional and fair production and by manufacturing on demand only, they can avoid stocks and overproduction.

The foundation for Selfnation is laid in 2013 by a team of designers and engineers from Berlin and Zurich. The self-developed algorithm generates an individual pattern for each customer. Thus, each pants is unique and adapts to the unique body shape of every consumer. Since November 2018, Selfnation can be found with its own store in Talacker 41, Zurich.

T-Bô and Selfnation have teamed up to bring you: The Perfect Fit. Before we reveal the final cut of the collaboration, I have a sneak peak at the “behind the scenes”  with the T-Bô and Selfnation teams.

Excited yet? You can check out Selfnation here.

I will be back soon with the final reveal.


Roy Bernheim
Roy Bernheim

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